“The pleasure that a good meal brings served in a welcoming environment is our sole purpose and we hope to have the chance of serving you often” – Ilias Vouras –

Petinos, in Greek, means rooster. Mr. Ilias Vouras, original franchiser, was inspired by the symbol that is the rooster; a bright and hopeful beginning to the day in a welcoming environment. In 1998, Ilias Vouras went on to open his first of 5 franchises in Terrebonne, Quebec.

In 2014, Ilias Vouras’ dream of opening a franchise close to home, became a reality. With the assistance of his 2 partners, he was able to open a Petinos franchise in the heart of the Ste-Dorothee Mega-Centre.

Petinos’ objective is to deliver quality food, in a cozy environment, with a smile. Ilias Vouras created a diverse menu surely to satisfy any craving. Specializing from Belgian waffles, crepes, omelettes, benedicts, and our signature “Monteregie” combination plates. Featured on these plates are eggs, cooked to any style, along with home fries, baked beans, choice of meat, and the “mountain” that is a half waffle dressed in a variety of toppings. Layered with combinations such as peanut butter, nutella, banana, Oreo crumbles, strawberries, apple, caramel, and our famous English cream.

Petinos Ste-Dorothee has exceeded expectations and created the buzz of the town. Renowned for the attentive service, customer satisfaction continues to rise. Customers are constantly falling in love with the variety of dishes and authentic recipes.

They say you should not mess with a winning formula. So, Mr. Ilias Vouras and his staff will continue to serve to the tee. Customers will be assured they are comfortable, full, and ultimately, satisfied – in every area of their dining experience.

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